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Personal investment to corporate cash flow

During more than two decades working in financial services, Simon has gained qualifications and experience across a wide spectrum of personal and corporate financial advice. Simon & his team never forget that whilst all of us may have similar goals and aspirations in life (taking good care of our family, having a successful career or business, and planning our retirement, for instance), we are also different in many respects.

Recognising the differences as well as the similarities, they design solutions that not only focus on your present needs but can also be adapted as your life changes. You could call this ‘financial resilience’. They provide advice to individuals on all aspects of their financial planning, including investments, pensions, inheritance tax and estate planning. The current changes to the pensions landscape have implications for almost everyone.

Your business may also be affected by the evolving pension scene, with auto-enrolment now affecting small employers as well as large. Simon & his team can help with this and with full employee benefit packages, including all group protection schemes such as life cover, income replacement, private medical and dental schemes. They also offer a bespoke cash flow forecasting service.

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